“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

This may be a super cliche quote but it’s so so true. For me, starting university was pretty intimidating but I was motivated to push my boundaries and get involved with new activities. To my surprise, I ended up being accepted as a makeup artist for a club called Fashion for Change. This opportunity allowed me to transform my interest in makeup into something much more legitimate. I’ve become more passionate about the art of makeup ever since and have actually done makeup for events within my university on multiple occasions since. Moral of the story, you’ll never know what could become of a risk you take unless you try. And regardless of the outcome, the experience will always be worth it.

These photos are from a photoshoot that took place before the fashion show. The theme was America’s Next Top Model so we mimicked a paint editorial shoot that appeared on the show. It was challenging in the sense that I was required to think outside the box since this is obviously not my everyday look. But it was also so incredibly fun to work with bright colors and geometric shapes. And I really love the effect the paint had on the overall look, I think they turned out great!


Photographer: Rowena Rodrigo

Models: Andrea Wong & Josh Szabo

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