With so many artificial ingredients that make their way into our lives- whether it be through food, cosmetics or fabrics, I think it’s extremely important to sometimes give our bodies a break. Of course, this doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice the well being of our taste buds either. Luckily, nature offers its own healthy sweets and raspberries happen to be one of my favorites. Hence why I refer to the delicious berries as “nature’s candy.”

Here I’ve put together some nutritiously delicious alternatives for some of our most craved indulgences. First we have raspberry cheesecake, made from cashews and coconut milk with a walnut-date crust and sweetened with maple syrup. The recipe uses minimal ingredients which makes it super convenient, and for all those with restrictive diets, these are gluten-free, grain-free and raw vegan. Something for everyone to enjoy! There are so many recipes to choose from online, just search “raw vegan cheesecake.” And for those who are skeptical: everyone I know that initially doubted this cheesecake was extremely surprised at how velvety and scrumptious it was, keep an open mind!

Next is a 2-ingredient raspberry milkshake that is easy and equally tasty. Simply blend together frozen raspberries and chocolate almond milk and voila! A guilt free alternative to any milkshake and will leave you satisfied just the same.

Stay healthy 🙂

– C



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