Today’s outfit is something a little different but extra creative so I’m very excited to share. This look is part of UWSS’ WaterLook, whose theme this term is Summer Textures. As the stylist/ model/ makeup artist, I decided to go with a classic: calla lily petal. As you can probably tell, the subtle trumpet shape in my midi skirt mimics the petal’s shape as does the yellow lace necklace for the flower’s stamen (view reference photo below). I attempted a very interesting makeup look by literally gluing real flower petals on my face. Not for everyday wear, but under these circumstances, I think it turned out pretty neat. I also went with a daring lip- orange and yellow gold ombre and basic eyes using white eyeliner.

Something else that I am super proud about is that this was my first DIY clothing made from thrifted finds. The white blouse I’m wearing used to be full length, long-sleeved and collared but I turned it into something a little more modern. I’m surprisingly pleased with the results considering I don’t have a sewing machine (sigh). Also, the lace necklace is, funny enough, part of a table runner I had gotten from the dollar store awhile ago. I then used turmeric to dye it yellow naturally, and the results are amazing! This goes to show that the natural way is always the best way.

Hope you enjoy the photos taken by Lucina Lo, and if you would like to view other Style Society WaterLooks, the link is below:

Reference photo:


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