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Hi lovelies! Not too long ago, I spontaneously chopped a whole 9 inches off my locks and today I will (hopefully) convince you as to why you should do the same. If you’re like I was, this idea was daunting and something I never thought I would consider. I had spent the majority of my life growing my hair out and trying to get it as long as possible. But one day I decided to make a selfless donation to a charity called Children with Hair Loss and I’m so happy that I did. Not only did a child out there benefit, but I did too! Here’s a list of some of the many advantages of going short now:

1. Easy maintenance – No more blow drying for what seems like forever and straightening/curling will take less than half the time. Not to mention the super quick showers since shampooing time is cut down too.

2. Cleanliness – You won’t miss the long strands of hair that continuously fall out and make their way everywhere inside your home. Oh, and the shower drain won’t clog as often.

3. Won’t get in the way – I used to never wear my hair down while sleeping because I didn’t want it in my face. This is not a problem anymore! Most importantly, say goodbye to the feeling of your ponytail sticking to the back of your neck while exercising (hallelujah!).

4. Trendy – The time to go short is now! It’s extremely on-trend and you can tell since so many celebs are doing it. Think Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

5. Endless options – There are so many versatile looks with short hair. You could keep some length like I did, or go for a bob or full-out pixie cut. They all look amazing.

6. It’s temporary – The key thing to remember is that your hair will grow back. Even if you don’t like the new do, just wait a few months and everything will be okay! No sweat.

7. Keeps hair healthy – Say goodbye to the damaged ends. You’ll finally be rid of the thinning hair and have a chance to start fresh, damage-free.

7. Helping a cause – If you have 9 inches of hair to spare then you have the power to put a smile on a child’s face. It’s a great way to make a charitable donation, no funds required.

So, what more motivation is required? From my experience, going short is something that will leave you pleasantly surprised. Now all that’s left is to convince Jamie. Here are some photos taken right after the chop by a friend, Rowena Rodrigo.

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