Hello! Today I want to share one of my past outfits that I wore to an executive photo shoot for my university’s Style Society. The look in itself was very basic- lots of black and a solid color. A general rule of thumb I typically like to follow when outfit planning is incorporating opposites. So since the color scheme here doesn’t have a lot going on, I chose to add texture and statement accessories.  My cropped sweater is perforated throughout the sleeves and the back, my tights have a floral pattern and my black boots have a snake skin texture. I also chose a fuller skirt for more dimension and visual interest. On top of that, I paired this outfit with two necklaces that, to me, have an Egyptian-esque feel to them. This chunky brass necklace doubles well with the smaller snake necklace because of their length differences.

Here are the photos with the rest of the team, hope you enjoy! Also feel free to check out UWSS’ website at http://uwstylesociety.wordpress.com/.

Photographer: Wayne Hsu

– C

DSC_3268 DSC_3277 DSC_3296