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Tie dye is one of the simplest DIYs out there yet so beautiful. There are lots of different ways to tie dye but I chose my favorite way which is the swirl. I used a collared shirt and black dye for mine, as you can see the colour does not always come out the same as its seen in the bottle. I was going for a white and black shirt but this bluey colour that it turned out as is to “dye” for!

The swirl is very simple, start of with a white cotton shirt, 4 elastics and your dye.  Pinch the shirt where you’d like the centre of the swirl to be. Twist the spot where you pinched until you have a spiral circle. Place the elastics around the shirts as if you were cutting it like a pizza. Add lots of dye to each section, you can use more than one colour if you want. After place in plastic bag and let sit over night. Rinse out extra dye then put in washing machine alone. TADA! Your tie dye is ready!

Remember that you can tie dye anything and be creative with it, nothing tie dyed can look bad.

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– J