j outfit1

I really like this outfit because it’s simple to put together yet its super cute. The neutral shades in the shirt and shorts really bring out the pop of red in the Toms and the head tie. I really love the Toms since they’re a smart buy because they can be very neutral because of the style of shoe but can add some colour if wanted. What’s great about this outfit is that it’s good for hot or lazy days because it’s loose and nothing will stick to you. The shirt may be pleather but it’s also pretty structured so you can still feel a breeze. This was my last day before Cory went back to Waterloo, we had some awesome family bonding. We did some DYIs and went out for dinner. A very casual day but still perfect since I could be with my sister!

Toms from Stance

Shirt from Urban Outfitters

Shorts from American eagle

Head tie from American Apparel

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– J